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Biosoil / Topsoil

MD Spec Bio-media

-MD SHA Bioretention Soil Mix

-MDE Table B.4.1 Planting Soil

DDOT Spec Bio-media

-DDOT Sand-Based Structural Soil

-DDOT Bioretention Soil

-DDOT Plant Bed Soil


-MD SHA Approved Topsoil

-Screened Topsoil


Dyed/Colored Mulch


-Chocolate Brown

-Cherry Brown

Natural Mulch

-Double Grind

-Single Grind

-Triple Grind (upon request)

Forestry Disposal

At Calvert Wood Recycling we base our pricing on what size unit the material is transported in.

-Demo Trailer

-Triaxle Dump Truck

-Single Axle Dump Truck

-Small Dump Truck

-Landscaping Trailer

-Pickup Truck

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